Provola dei Nebrodi - Eng Stampa


It is a Presidio Slow Food (project of the Slow Food Foundation of Biodiversity for defending traditional food).It is included in the list of approved national traditional food farming products, published by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture. Recognized Sicilian historical product by Regional Decree dated 28th December 1998.


Cow full-cream raw milk, curdled by kid rennet, salt


Shape: Oblong similar to a pear which at its end culminates in a little round head. The farm produces flat shape on demand

Weight: Variable, usually between 1 and 1,5 kg. The farm produces lower weight provola on demand. If the provola must be ripen, a higher weight is better

Crust: Natural, thin, smooth and shiny.  Golden yellow colour toward amber yellow when the aging is coming

Paste: Consistent, compact with tiny holes,  straw-yellow colour.

Taste: Aromatic, pleasant. Mild and exquisite when the provola is fresh, salted and spicy when it is matured. The provola con il limone verdello (with a “verdello” lemon inside) has a very special flavour

Origin: Sicilia, western Nebrodi mountains, area of Mistretta municipality

Table cheese, used also for cooking or grating

Half-cooked stretched-curd cheese, made and seasoned in a handmade way. Natural aging: fresh up to 1 month, half-matured up to 3 months, matured more than 4 months till the peak of 24 months